Welcome to Big Picture Legal

Dear Friends, Clients, Kindred Spirits, Browsers, and every combination of the above. Welcome to my new website, of which I am extremely proud. I hope you like it too!

I say “my” website because I am Sarah Williams, and, until recently, I have been working under my own name. Instead, I have decided to use the name Big Picture Legal because I wanted to convey something more about what I was doing, as well creating a vehicle for collaborations. The whole should always be greater than the sum of its parts, and this the goal of Big Picture Legal. Always focused on the big picture.

This year I turned 50. It is an important moment for looking both forward and back, and I saw clearly how the threads of the different things I have done in my life have started to weave together in a rather wonderful way. I think it is something to do with confidence. When we are young and hot off the starting blocks, we just want to get out there. We want recognition, challenge, success and reward, and sometimes it takes a while to realise that we may not be swimming in the right pool. We adjust, change direction, try different things. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they don’t. Nevertheless, we start to realise who we are and what we believe, and, slowly, we grow into ourselves. On my own journey I have come to understand that the more I am authentically myself, the happier and more successful I am. I attract clients and collaborators who are on the same wavelength, and I develop my skills and intuition in a more useful and creative way.

So, in creating the site with my wonderful designer, Floss Gibbs, and web developers, Angel Web Media, what I have tried to do is to convey something of who I am, and what I believe. I am an entertainment lawyer and mediator, but, as is true of us all, I am many other things besides. Mother, friend, academic, creative thinker, community activist, peacenik…. The list goes on. And so I wanted to express myself and my philosophy within this site.

The schema is equilibrium. On the homepage, there are three buttons. The left-hand button takes you to the red, ‘legal’ section. This is concerned with professionalism, intellectual property, protection, and business. In the middle is the green ‘mediation’ button, which leads to the realm of resolution, balance and fairness. The right-hand button leads to the yellow ‘projects’ section, which is about our human self and the deployment of our ingenuity to the service of the greater good. So, on the one hand, we need to be worldly and earn. On the other, we need to be idealistic and share. In the middle, we need to balance our interests when they seem to be at odds with one another. This seems to me to be a fairly good way to view life.

Just like me, it’s a work in progress, and I look forward to sharing the journey.